/ Kenya: Top Nakuru Teremuka (Beans)

Kenya: Top Nakuru Teremuka (Beans)

Rating 89.5 premium single origin coffee beans from Top Nakuru Teremuka, Kenya 2100m altitude grown, artisan-roasted in Bucharest. Blackcurrant, rhubarb, gooseberry, red grape juice hints.

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Very complex taste with tropical notes with hints of blackcurrant, rhubarb, gooseberry and red grape juice.

  • rating: 89.5
  • grind: none (beans) (best for: espresso, moka, filter, ibrik, aeropress, other)
  • process: washed
  • altitude: 2100m
  • roast: medium
  • body: strong
  • acidity: strong
  • aroma: strong

Availability limited to production. 100% arabica. 100% artisan roasted.

Teremuka is situated on the vestic side of Aberdare Mountains, next to Bahati village, in the county of Nakuru, Kenya. Besides being known for the exquisite coffee beans growing there, the region is also famous for its bird sanctuaries, especially at the Lake Nakuru National Park.
Currently, the Teremuka farms are made up of over 1000 members, with total surface extending beyond the original property, now with a total of 272 acres. The farms are predominantly growing SL-28 and SL-34 strains. These 2 strains are well known derivates of the already iconic Bourbon strain for which Kenya is renowned.

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3 in stock

3 in stock

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