/ Columbia: Huila La Amapolita (Beans)

Columbia: Huila La Amapolita (Beans)

Rating 87 premium single origin coffee beans sourced from La Amapolita, Huila, Columbia.
Grown at 1900m altitude and artisan roasted in Bucharest.
Hints: blackberry, sweet vanilla with umami flavour. Juicy velvet body.

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On the quest for distinguished coffee, you simply cannot pass this one. Rated 87 SCA premium single origin coffee beans sourced from Columbia. Grown at 1900m altitude an absolutely gorgeous microlot of coffee beans where the raw ones are firstly sorted by hand to eliminate any imperfect grains. The farmer produces this excellent coffee on his 3 ha farm in the municipality of Tello, Huila. He carefully intercrops his coffee with shade trees, avocados, and bananas.

Amazing tastes of blackberry, sweet vanilla, umami juicy, velvet body.

  • rating: 87
  • grind: none (beans) (best for: espresso, moka, filter, ibrik, aeropress, other)
  • process: wash
  • altitude: 1900m
  • roast: medium
  • body: strong
  • acidity: strong
  • aroma: strong

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50 in stock

50 in stock

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