/ Ethiopiai: Quoree Gera (Beans)

Ethiopiai: Quoree Gera (Beans)

Rating 85 premium single origin coffee beans sourced from Quoree Gera, Ethiopia. Grown at +1975m altitude and artisan roasted in Bucharest. Hints: cherry, nectarines, apple. Black tea notes with citric acidity.

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Premium single origin beans from Quoree Gera, Ethiopia.
Floral fruity cherry taste, nectarines and apple. Black tea hints with pleasant citric acidity.

  • rating: 85
  • grind: none (beans) (best for: espresso, moka, filter, ibrik, aeropress, other)
  • process: natural
  • altitude: ≥1975m
  • roast: medium
  • body: strong
  • acidity: strong
  • aroma: strong

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Out of stock

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